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This site is all about wines and cocktails including wine reviews, wine information, a wine journal and a freeware wine journal database application.

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  • Wine Reviews - Contains the latest wines reviews.
  • Wine Journal - The current online wine journal database including tasting notes.
  • Software - BarMirror wine journal database application.
  • Wine Information - General wine information including the factors that effect the wine.
  • Regions - Information on the main wine producing countries of the world.
  • Grapes - Overview of the main grape varieties used to make wine.




Wine Software


BarMirror wine journal application is a freeware database application allowing users to store information on each wine including the following options:

  • Information on each wine including tasting notes.
  • Store an image of each wine.
  • Search database of wines to quickly locate the information you require.
  • Filter the wines by type.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Click here to go to software page.

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