Wine Grape Varieties


Is a white burgundy grape and is the most popular and well known of all the grape varieties. It is a veratile grape and is grown in most wine regions of the world. The charateristics of the Chardonnay wines range widely from light refreshing unoaked to rich, buttery and oaked. 

Sauvignon Blanc

Is a white grape producing crisp, refreshing, unoaked wines. The wines are almost always dry with high acidity and have aromas of green fruit. Most wines made from this grape do not age well and they are best consumed at an early age.


This grape is pink in colour and produces deeper coloured white wines with floral qualities. They are generally have a high alcolhol content and go well with spicy food.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This grape is purple in colour and produces red wines with high tannins with strong aromas of dark fruits (blackcurrent, cherry).


Is similar to Cabernet Sauvigon, but slightly more pale and freshier with less tannins and are medium bodied. Cabernet Sauvignon is sometimes added to Merlot to add tannin and acidity. 

Shiraz (Syrah)

Produces red wines which have medium to high levels of tannin, that are usually full bodied with dark fruit aromas and sometimes with a chocolate character. 

Pinot Noir

Is a dark grape producing red wines which are usually light in colour with low to medium tannin levels. The wines produced in cooler to moderate climates can produce vegetal flavours.


Produces aromatic fruitly white wine which can be dry, medium or sweet. Like Chardonnay its characteristics range widely depending on the soil and climate the grape is grown in.