Wine Information

This section of the web site contains information on grape varities and regions. Also below is some other wine information on factors that influence the style, quality and price of wines.

Grape Varities - Contains information on the standard grape varierties.

Wine Regions - Contains information on the main wine producing countries of the world. 


Factors that influence wine

The main factors that effect quality and characteristics of a wine are:

Sun   Sunlight

The amount of sunlight the vines are subjected to effect the photosynthesis, this is the source of energy for the plant. The photosynthesis combines carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with water to produce the sugars. The sugars in the grape when fermented become alcohol. In some regions further away from the equator where they have less sunlight vines are planted on south facing slopes to improve the amount of sunlight.


Water  Water 

Water is required for the vine and grapes to grow. There is a balance in getting the right amount of water required which comes from rain (which cannot be controlled), soil and irrigation. To much water can cause the grape to have less flavour and sugar, this will cause less flavour in the wine and less alcohol, however this does produce bigger crops (cheaper wines). Also too much water without the right temperature and soil conditions can produce rot.


Temperature controls the speed at which the sugars are produced. If the temperature is too cold or hot the vine will slow down or even stop sugar production.

Soil  Soil   

The type of soil can help water drainage, in some parts of Europe they have gravel or chalk soil which helps in wet weather and poorer quality soils most of the time produce better quality wine. Soil also provides nutrients to the vine.  


Wine-Production  Production  

The production affects the wine depending on how the wine is fermented and matured. The wine will be different if it is matured in oak barrels or in stainless steel, even using new oak barrels or old oak barrels will affect the wine.

Other Factors   

Other aspects that can influence the wine are the following:

  • General vineyard maintenance.
  • Yields of wine, lower yields can produce better quality wines.
  • Fungal diseases.
  • Animals and pests.